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Biohacking Your Way To Your Best Self

What if we told you the Red Pill isn’t a pill at all? And what if we showed you a different way to do things - would you take the time to listen?

The E-Fit Infinity’s EMS technology can actively advance fitness routines while shortening not only time in the workout (20 mins max) but also reducing frequency needed for same or better results (2x per week max). This is a game changer.

This is the only EMS device in the US that is FDA approved for active movement (i.e., strength training and cardio movements).  It is currently only for commercial use and requires certification to operate.  An EMS device in the hands of a highly qualified trainer is able to substitute the traditional fitness training, and it is also more effective.

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Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body.


    However, we often end up destroying our bodies to reach our goals.

That's the old way, welcome to 2023!  We can now use technology to engage muscle contractions and provide the same or greater resistance traditionally associated with heavy weights - without causing the wear and tear on joints and tendons! This means individuals who may not have been able to train due to injury or weakness can now achieve results which may have been out of reach in the past. It also means individuals with no pre-existing conditions can maximize their results in less time than traditional strength training methods. 

    Our aim at EM-Pulse Fitness is to help you, a gym owner, fitness trainer, coach, or health and wellness professional design a program incorporating our high level EMS technology devices into your business to accelerate your client's successes while positively impacting your bottom line (pun intended). 


Call today and let’s book a training demo together!


EM-Pulse Fitness Studio

located inside Burn Fitness Studio

100 Indian Rocks Rd. N Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770

(813) 917-9553

Thanks for reaching out!

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