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Gio's View

As someone who has years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness, Gio brought an open mind to the concept of whole-body EMS training.

After experiencing the cutting-edge technology first hand, he shares his enthusiasm with personal trainers, gym owners, and people in the fitness business.  He knows the value of the system and he has negotiated a discount for any fitness professional who wants to bring their business to a WHOLE - NUTHA - LEVEL!


Muscle Density

E-Fit systems are able to dial deep into the muscle to stimulate the muscles you want to work - simultaneously!


Weights & Isometrics

The E-Fit system allows the trainer to control the amount of stimulation so using heavy weights isn't necessary to get the results you want - that means less wear and tear on your body.

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Game Changer for the Fitness Biz

Having a machine like this allows you to train individuals, couples or small groups. @ 20-min workouts twice a week has the potential to grow a trainer's business and get great results for clients.

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