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Your RESULTS are coming


Who We Are

Hi! And welcome :) 

We are looking forward to seeing you in person soon to begin your new workout routine!

To help you feel prepared, we have put together a bit of information for you.

But first, we want to be sure to share with you our commitment to help you reach your goals. You see we are not just trainers, and this is not just a job -  we were once EMS personal training clients, just like you, who through experiencing the workout for ourselves, felt so passionate about the technology's ability to expedite helping people reach their goals that we had to become more involved.

This is how EM-Pulse came to be. This is our passion and we can't wait to share it with you.


Here’s how to prep for your workout (PRE & POST): 

• No strenuous or heavy strength training 24 hours prior to session (come with a “fresh body”). 

• No deep tissue massages 24 hours prior to session. 

• Hydrated the night before, and the morning of your workout (bring water with you to your session). 

• Have a light pre-workout meal, if necessary. Your body needs the calories to burn! 

• Have a post-workout meal (protein, complex carbs). 

• Recovery: stretching and light cardio only. 

• No strenuous, heavy strength training or deep tissue massage for 48 hours after your workout session. 

• Hydrate! (Avoid alcohol, we literally HAVE to say this - but you do your thing, we'll help burn it off)


The EMS suits require a 95% cotton under suit, the clothing will be provided for you to wear for your initial session. Plan to do a brief consult before changing into the shirt and pants provided to you. Ladies can choose to wear a support bra or opt out, we will not be doing any jumping and the suit is snug and supportive, however do not wear an underwire. (Jewelry is fine to wear and does not need to be removed.)



Once you are dressed for the occasion, we will move through a brief warm up consisting of very simple movements designed to get your heart rate up and activate your body. From there, we will go through an abbreviate strength training session to allow you to experience using Electo Muscle Stimulation with active movement. This is followed by what we call our Relax mode, where we utilize the TENS unit mode of the suit to help expedite your recovery process. None of what we do will be uncomfortable or difficult, our goal is to enjoy a workout that seems easy but utilizes technology to be incredibly effective.



Introductory offer:

You have two options when getting started – 

  1. Choose a 4 pack of EMS Sessions for $299

  2. Choose a 4 pack of EMS Sessions with a 3 pack of circuit training (non-EMS) sessions for $398

We do ask that you make a commitment to at least the minimum package of 4 and if the initial session is not what you expected you can decline the package purchase, risk free. After the intro package, you can choose a 5 pack at $99 per session or a 10 pack of sessions at a increasingly discounted rate of $89 per session and add on non-EMS sessions if you’d like. You may also purchase your own under suit for $50 or continue to use those provided for you. We accept cash, check and can take credit or debit cards too. 



To get on our schedule, drop us an email or a text. We do not have walk-in ability and all clients are seen by appointment only. In the event you need to cancel a session, we kindly request a minimum of 24 hours notice.



We are located inside Burn Fitness Studio located inside the Plaza at:

100 Indian Rock Blvd. Suit 10 Belleair Bluffs FL 33770

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We look forward to having you experience this for yourself -but in the meantime, check out these videos so you know what to expect!

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